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Rano Honey


Rano Honey originated in Kazakhstan and is one of the very few totally natural and unaltered products you may discover. For the first time Rano Honey is entering the UAE Market and has already received exceptional feedback on the taste, quality, and its effect on health. The bees collect honey from wide range of plants producing a well-balanced honey full of good health benefits combined with a delectable taste you will enjoy.

Rono Honey – our Story

My name is Rano and I saw my husband for the first time on Dec 24, 2015. I was curious to see a stranger feeding stray cats late night, so I decided to approach him and get to know him. A few months later, he proposed and we got married in Kazakhstan. My mother in law who is Morrocan by nationality tried our Natural Raw Honey for the first time. She was amazed by the variety and quality of Honey during a Honey Exposition in Almaty- she knew it was genuine unaltered honey. There were bee keepers presenting their honey varieties, with bottles and jars of dozens of different kinds from the surrounding meadows and farmlands where bees proliferate. The products ranged in colour from golden to raspberry red to the purest white, each with individual medicinal qualities derived from the various flowers the bees had collected honey from. Since I lived there, I never appreciated the value of honey of my own country. The genuine taste of raw unfiltered honey made me think why not to let everyone try it?


What or who is the inspiration behind your start-up?

The inspiration behind my start-up was the passion my mother in law had for Natural Raw Honey and the value it represented for her. At first I didn’t understand her honey obsession, but now after a few months on the business I know that honey is the best gift of nature.


Tell us why your business is the “best thing since sliced bread”

Natural Raw Honey is not only out of reach for most people in Dubai given its very high price but its also very difficult to find a supplier you can trust. With Rano Honey you will get proof certificates from UAE and Kazakhstan that the Honey you are buying is 100% Pure and Raw.


Who is your hero in the honey business – the one that you aspire to be?

We aspire to be the go to Brand when it comes to affordable Natural Raw Honey. France and Kazakhstan are 2 great examples of countries that offer Quality Natural Raw Honey as an affordable price. We want to bring that quality and expertise to the UAE while keeping it affordable for the mass market.


What is your favourite honey and why?

My favourite Honey from our range is the Forest Polyfloral Honey because it has a very fruity flavour. The Honey contained in the forest Polyfloral Honey is collected by Bees from nectars of Hawthorn, willow, blueberries, rasberries, blackberry,clover and licorice which give it a very unique taste. You will also get a great value for this variant of Honey.


What (lessons) have you learnt along the way that you would like to share with other foodpreneurs?

There is one lesson I learned and I would like to share with everyone starting in the food business: Whatever you do, always put yourself in the consumer shoes. Always think, if I wanted to buy honey (or other food products). What would make me choose one brand over the other, one size over the other. Where would I purchase the product? Who would I ask advise from before making a purchase decision? Then use these answers to work on your marketing plan. Also always be honest and ethical in everything you do, believe me it will make a huge difference in your success.
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Rano Honey (Al Qithara Foodstuff LLC)

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    Foodpreneur ~ Rano Honey

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