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(Last Updated On: 7th May 2017)

Oscar and Jemima’s

Oscar and Jemima’s is the regions first recipe only subscription based website where you can sign up for recipes for your families weekly meals. These recipes are then delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis just before the weekend along with a link to a shopping list to download or print. Half way through the week they will also send you ideas for using up any leftovers (not that there will be any)

What or who is the inspiration behind your start up?

Oscar and Jemima’s is a homegrown brand born from two dedicated foodies who met whilst following their passion for everything food and cooking whilst attending a diploma course at ICCA Dubai.

Their desire to encourage the world to set aside fad dieting and focus their efforts on good wholesome home-cooked food led to the recent launch of Oscar and Jemima’s. Oscar and Jemimas is aimed at helping busy women and mums by giving them inspiration for their weeknight family dinners and an easy to download weekly shopping list. We want you to fall in love with cooking.

Tell us why your business is “the best thing since sliced bread?”

Because you no longer have to waste time thinking about what’s for dinner or rummaging through your fridge for inspiration. No more going to the supermarket without a list and buying things you don’t need and will end up throwing away. In short we give you back some of your valuable time, help save on waste and help you get inspired to cook healthy nutritious and very tasty mid-week dinners.

Who is your hero in the restaurant business – the one that you aspire to be?

I have a few of those – I recently worked at Taste Of Dubai alongside Michel Roux Jr, that was a foodie dream come true for me. I also really admire Mary Berry for what she has achieved and still is achieving.

What lessons have you learnt along the way that you would like to share with other foodpreneurs?

Like with anything, not only food, if it really is your passion you can make it work you just have to dig deep and have a lot of faith to make some sacrifice’s and follow what you believe in and love.

Facebook & Instagram : oscarandjemimas

[Image Credits : Oscar and Jemima’s]


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    Foodpreneur | Oscar and Jemima’s

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