MasterChef the TV Experience restaurant

(Last Updated On: 19th September 2018)

MasterChef the TV Experience restaurant

Lights, Cameras, Action … Eat! Wyndham West Bay Dubai Marina Hotel, due to open in the second half of 2018 will play host to a new restaurant concept, MasterChef. Based on the hugely popular MasterChef reality television series, which used to be one of my favourite shows when I was in the UK, the restaurant will showcase the talents and recipes of MasterChef series contestants from many of the 52 territories where the programme is produced worldwide.

We’re looking forward to see how this one plays out. We’re told that the restaurant concept will fully immerse guests in the MasterChef TV show experience. The design concept is inspired by the MasterChef TV set and diners will be able to choose from a dynamic menu featuring popular original dishes conceived and inspired by series contestants and champions.

We say : Let’s hope the menu is curated to only include the MasterChef hits 🙂

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    MasterChef the TV Experience restaurant

    by Debbie Rogers time to read: 2 min