London Social – Love London, Love Brunch, Love Friday

(Last Updated On: 19th September 2018)

By Debbie Rogers

London Social

It’s Friday, it’s brunch day, and we’re off to brunch on the first day of a new brunch simply called London Social. Brunch is at The Ritz-Carlton JBR. We’re greeted by an iconic red telephone box and a ‘Beef Eater’ and can sense that this is going to be a fun brunch.

Brunch is a celebration of the diverse food in today’s multi cultured London and is themed around London’s main Tube stations. Each food or drink station bears the name of a popular Tube station and the menu comes in the form of a ‘Menu Map’ bringing back many memories of London and trips on the underground.

Thankfully the food is way more interesting than my work commutes! and we dig in with gusto.

We start off at the market end of the brunch with a trip to The Markets where we feast on fresh seafood (aptly named the fish monger) and salads from the veg stall). Moving onwards to move to Brick Lane (aka Banglatown – in reference to Bengali population) for some tasty “British” curries, tandoori grills and chicken tikka.  Piccadilly Circus – famous for China Town is where we head for some Peking duck, Char Sui pork, dimsum and ribs, before heading to Tottenham Court Road for a spot of roast dinner, classic fish and chips, cottage pie and the like.

Moving outside we feast on Jamaican Jerk Chicken at Brixton station before heading to Edware Road (aka Little Beirut) for some freshly cooked kebabs arabic grills.

Almost full, and well travelled, we finally make our way to Leicester City (representing Soho and Clerkenwell) for some amazing Italian fare – a plateful of antipasti, cold cuts, mozzarella cheese and beautiful Italian bread.

Desserts are a big hit – we head to Pudding Lane for the desserts of my childhood, spotted dick, jam roly poly, Banoffee pie, trifle etc before taking a PicNMix bag and selecting some fizzy bottles, sour snakes and what my mum would call ‘cheap chcolate’ etc at Ye Old Sweet Shop.

Drink wise : We head to Plymouth Bar for some G&T’s, The Craft Beer stand for some classic Cider (I’m a Bristol Girl after all) as well as indulge in some bubbles and cocktails which were served at our table.

Entertainment – theres a live duo performance of old and new British classics which fits the brunch well.

Overall this is a fun brunch which we really enjoyed. Service was exceptionally good and the staff were not only attentive and full of information, but they were genuinely having fun and had time to talk to guests as well. We loved the concept of the celebration of British multi cultural cuisine which was served up in a really fun way. Not just a trip down memory lane, this was a well thought out and clever curation of the ‘best of – British’ in it’s widest sense.

Food is served both inside and outdoors on the grass and our next visit we plan to sit outdoors to enjoy the sea air and views. We will also plan our brunch eating more thoroughly as there were a few stations we didn’t make it to but wanted to – especially the cooked gammon section which was calling our name.

Whilst we are generally not fans of buffet type brunches (too much waste and average food), we made an exception for this one due to it’s concept and a sense of nostalgia. The live cooking stations meant that the standard of food was high and it’s definitely one to put on the list of ‘will return and recommend’.



Every Friday from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m

Bubbles – AED 590
House – AED 495
Non-alcoholic – AED 395
Children – AED 175 and for reservations call +971 4 318 6150 or email

 [Images by Debbie Rogers]


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    London Social – Love London, Love Brunch, Love Friday

    by Debbie Rogers time to read: 4 min