Holi in Nandgaon, Mathura and Vrindavan

(Last Updated On: 22nd March 2019)

By Team FoodeMag: In 2016, we commissioned out a special feature to capture how Holi is celebrated in the land of its origin – Brijbhoomi. Brij or Brijbhoomi is a region around Mathura-Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, India, where Lord Krishna is said to have spent his childhood and adolescence. This photo-story captures all the celebrants in this festival of colours, including the widows of Vrindavan. We felt compelled to share the story of widows as they had remained excluded in this joyous celebration for many years. Vrindavan, also known as the ‘city of widows’, have a number of widows in the shelter of widow homes. These widows have all been shunned by their own families. Even today, Hindu widows in many parts of India are not permitted to play Holi or partake in many auspicious festivals. Their inclusion in the celebration of Holi, therefore heralded a new era of inclusion. Our photographer Jayati Saha captures the brilliance of it all – the emotions and apprehension in these women as well as their eagerness to celebrate life. Jayati captures everyone – widows and others who immerse themselves in this kaleidoscope. Dibyendu Majumdar, our author shares his thoughts too: 

‘Some experiences like these cannot be photographed and, for some hours, we left our digital world behind and soaked up in the purest human spirits of love, romance and devotion.’

Read the entire story in our website or you could also read it in the e-magazine format.

Holi at the Banke Bihari temple, Mathura

Pilgrims in an euphoric trance at the Banke Bihari temple, Mathura


Huranga Holi at the Dauji Temple, Mathura

A man enjoys the Huranga Holi at the Dauji Temple, Mathura


Celebration of Huranga Holi at Dauji Temple, Mathura

Men drench the women with coloured water, as a part of the custom, during the holi celebration of Huranga Holi at Dauji Temple, Mathura


Pilgrims at the temple at Nandgaon during Holi

Pilgrims visit the temple at Nandgaon to have a darshan of Lord Krishna and Radha


Lathmar holi in Mathura

The world renowned Lathmar holi being played in the lanes of Barsana village, Mathura


Holi celebration in Vrindavan

A little boy looks in wonder and is overwhelmed by the Holi celebration in Vrindavan


Widows playing Holi in Vrindavan

The widows at a home in Vrindavan dance and sing while celebrating Holi, as organised by Sulabh International


Holi in Nandgaon temple in Vrindavan

The Nandgaon boys drench the Barsana boys in coloured water and coloured powder at the temple in Nandgaon


Holi in Vrindavan

A widow with her staff at the widow home, smeared with colour


Widows playing Holi in Vrindavan

A widow looks unhappy with all the colour smeared on her while the other widow emerges from the dark wanting to be a part of the celebration


Few snapshots from our e-magazine.

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    Holi in Nandgaon, Mathura and Vrindavan

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