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(Last Updated On: 18th October 2016)

Baker’s Kitchen

We are a Traditional Germany Bakery serving International healthy food and halal versions of traditional German dishes along with many different varieties of Germany breads and pastries.

What or who is the inspiration behind your start-up?

We want the young urban generation to experience brand new healthy food.

Tell us why your business is the “best thing since sliced bread’

We’re unique! We make healthy food and operate a bakery without using any artificial flavors or preservatives. Everything is handmade by a German master baker and a Chef who is the first Europen female sushi master

What is your favourite dish in the menu? Why?

I am a sushi lover and of course my favourite dish is the FUSHI (Fusion Sushi), special creations from our Chef. The Sushi Rice is mixed with red Quinoa and the fillings are definitely for everyones taste.

Who is your hero in the restaurant business – the one that you aspire to be?

We do it all our own way. We provide Healthy food & bakery items plus a fusion of German dishes with halal ingredients. Our approach, pure ingredients and quality are unique.

What (lessons) have you learnt along the way that you would like to share with another foodpreneur?

You can provide light and healthy meals with taste. The audience appreciates it.

Baker’s Kitchen

Instagram & Twitter @bakerskitchenuae https://www.facebook.com/bakerskitchenuae

Find them at Auris Metro Central Hotel Apartments Barsha Heights

 [Images provided by Baker’s Kitchen]


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    #FoodPreneur ~ Baker’s Kitchen

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