FoodeMag presents the first #bringbackbalance special ‘Farm to Table’ event ∼ A trip to Organic Oasis

(Last Updated On: 21st March 2019)

By FoodeMag dxb

In a morning filled with many instagram-worthy-moments, FoodeMag dxb celebrated the launch of our Wellness category ~ Balance ~ with our first #bringbackbalance special ‘Farm to Table’ curated lunch with our guests. In the first half we visited the Organic Oasis farm in Al Khawaneej where we picked veggies along with Chef Aabhas Mehrotra from Tesoro Dubai. Nestled amidst birds’ chirping and vibrant veggies, the freshness of the rain-drenched soil hit us hard the moment we landed. Not even a twenty minutes drive from the city, we we were transported elsewhere… we picked and munched on fresh tomatoes hanging from the vines, we plucked on fresh herbs directly from the soil. Our menu for lunch later in the afternoon would consist of all the freshness we plucked. This was indeed bringing back balance! The second part of our journey to be continued in the next post.

The breakfast catchup at the Byzantium Lounge before the farm trip:

We are very excited to launch our new Wellness category called ‘Balance’ with a special campaign called #BringBackBalance in collaboration with Oman Insurance Company (OIC) and Bupa Global. A series of bespoke events follow at various venues for the next few months, so do stay tuned to enter the next competition to join us for our second event.

[Exclusive images from FoodeMag dxb event]


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    FoodeMag presents the first #bringbackbalance special ‘Farm to Table’ event ∼ A trip to Organic Oasis

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