Foodpreneur ~ Egg Shack Cafe, specialising in eggs, all day ~ everyday!

(Last Updated On: 21st March 2017)

Egg Shack Cafe

Egg Shack, a gourmet food concept cafe that offers one of a kind experience cafe that is specialised in eggs all day, everyday. The carefully designed menu offers exquisite meals that are perfect for the family to share and enjoy together. Egg Shack is truly inspired with from love of eggs and healthy protein options that will mesmerize your taste buds. The key ingredient of the menu is eggs, offering diverse breakfast dishes and mouth-watering diner options from signature angus burgers and grass-fed wagyu steak burgers. Our focus is on the quality and taste of our food, a balanced yet specialised menu for the whole family to enjoy and great customer service.

What or who is the inspiration behind your start-up?

In the past few years, Abu Dhabi has been growing in terms of new business and new concept cafes as well. The food community in Abu Dhabi has been eager to try new things and also in search of specialised offerings when it comes to food.  For the love of eggs, we have noticed that eggs on its own can be created in many different forms and styles of food, breakfasts or dinners, savoury or sweet. An all-day breakfast place was our starting point for Egg shack.

Tell us why your business is the “best thing since sliced bread.

Customers are always searching for two main elements good food and affordable prices, and at Egg shack we offer both. We at Egg Shack target the best suppliers for our products as well as fresh goods on daily bases.

With the changing economy, consumers tend to look into savings and we have engineered our prices to fit all levels of community.  We offer high-quality dine-in service at a reasonable and affordable price.

What is your favourite dish in the menu? Why?

This is a hard question, when it comes to prefer which dish I adore more. I believe the creation of egg styles will be my best choice. That’s because you can never get bored from this dish every time you come you can add or take off some toppings and sides which makes it renewing each time you order it.

What (lessons) have you learnt along the way that you would like to share with another foodpreneur?

Egg Shack is our first experience in designing a dine-in concept. As we were designing the menu and the concept, everyday was a new experience and new learning which eventually helped us build a strong brand for our customers.

Details :

Egg Shack | Egg Shack on Instagram

Find us in AbuDhabi, Rashid bin Saeed Street, behind Abu Dhabi Media

[Images provided by Egg Shack]


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    Foodpreneur ~ Egg Shack Cafe, specialising in eggs, all day ~ everyday!

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