Bilberries, Minna & Stomping Grounds

(Last Updated On: 1st March 2016)

We brainstormed on Finnish Bilberries with Minna Herranen, Managing Director of Nordic Power General Trading, regional distributor of Berryfect over sumptuous breakfast and specialty coffee in the newly opened cafe – Stomping Grounds. Growing under the Northern Lights and the midnight sun in wild forests in Finland, bilberries bring back a lot of nostalgia for Minna. While we have shared two exclusive recipes using bilberries – Cucumer and Bilberry Salad and the traditional Mustikkakeitto or Finnish Blueberry soup and have also talked about them as a superfood ingredient, we are now working with Minna to bring exciting competitions with Berryfect. Who knows you might even land up in Finland during the berry picking season or be swooned over by the Northern lights and the midnight sun… who knows?

xx Debbie & Ishita

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    Bilberries, Minna & Stomping Grounds

    by Foodemag time to read: 2 min