Big Smoke Burger – a casual Canadian experience at Box Park

(Last Updated On: 19th September 2018)
Big Smoke Burger Review

By Debbie Rogers

Big Smoke Burger - Review Dubai

Big Smoke Burger

The press release had me at ‘hand cut fries’, ‘Canadian poutine’ and ‘freshly ground meat’ and so on a warm Friday afternoon we took a trip to the very far end of Box Park to Big Smoke Burger for a late lunch. I don’t eat burgers out very often, as I think I make a pretty mean burger at home, but I’d been tempted by the lure of poutine if I’m completely honest.

Burgers & Fries

I choose the Smokin’ Cheese –  a 5oz AAA organic Angus Beef patty stuffed with a molten blend of three cheeses which oozed out when I cut the burger open. It’s a really moist combination served with hickory smoked chilli sauce, basil onions and mixed greens inside the bun as well. They’ve managed to balance it well though and it was really good. My partners burger, which was a standard burger tasted great, but was unremarkable compared to the Smokin’ Cheese. We also shared a large portion of bacon poutine with Quebec cheese curds which was pretty good. I’ve been missing poutine and this hit the spot perfectly.


To be honest I was stuffed on the burger and poutine, they serve pretty decent sized portions, but my guest ordered an ice-cream sandwich, vanilla or strawberry ice-cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies, and a sticky toffee pudding served with ice-cream and a hot sauce. Both were great choices and he tucked in with relish.


As I said before, I rarely eat burgers out, but would make an exception and return to Big Smoke Burger. Whilst the prices are higher than fast food outlets, they are not to be compared with them, the quality of meat and ingredients makes the prices more understandable. The fries are freshly hand-cut and the dips and sauces are homemade – the spicy chipotle and horseradish ones were my favorites. Improvements are small, but they need to make better onion rings, the ones we had separated from their coating before we could eat them.

The owners say “We have many customers who claim they have not encountered such an authentic Canadian fast casual burger experience outside of Canada, and it is our mission to continue outdoing ourselves in terms of food we serve, the service we offer and the atmosphere we create. ”

I have only one question to ask “when are you delivering to my end of town?”

Big Smoke Burger Review Ice-cream sandwich

Details :

Big Smoke Burger, Box Park, Al Wasl Road, Dubai.

Phone +971 4343 6533

[Images by Debbie Rogers]


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    Big Smoke Burger – a casual Canadian experience at Box Park

    by Debbie Rogers time to read: 3 min