Exploring the magic of Machu Picchu

(Last Updated On: 18th February 2019)

By Lucy Forbes Taylor

Peru has been on my travel wish list for many years now, for one prime reason: the magical, mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu.

Since it came to international prominence in the early 20th Century, this legendary Incan site has been the subject of much speculation: what it was used for, how it was never discovered by the conquistadors, why it was deserted – and how on earth each perfectly shaped stone was crafted so that the buildings hold together without mortar: a feat of engineering lost with the Incans themselves. 

Here, I explore not only the stunning site itself, high up in the Andes Mountains, but also the rich history and uncertain future of this jaw-dropping attraction. Do read my other story on Peru for FoodeMag dxb.


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    Exploring the magic of Machu Picchu

    by Foodemag time to read: 2 min