Colours ~ How green is my desert? – Organic Oasis

(Last Updated On: 11th March 2019)

By Debbie Rogers

We left the hustle and bustle of Dubai behind us recently to visit an Open Day at Organic Oasis. Located just a ten minute drive away from Midriff City Centre (which actually felt like we were hours away), we spent a few hours in this family-operated farm learning about methods of organic farming methods, walked through the irrigated farmland cum desert enriching ourselves with the knowledge of vegetables and herbs and how challenging it is to grow them in a desert environment. It is interesting to note here that Sheikha Al Muhairy, a local entrepreneur and owner of Organic Oasis is the first lady farmer in the UAE.

Next time you are thinking of doing Dubai differently, we suggest – bring the little ones along to fill up your jute bags with fresh farm produce in a real farm – it is just a 10 minutes drive away!



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    Colours ~ How green is my desert? – Organic Oasis

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