Enigma – The Untold Story from Quique Dacosta

(Last Updated On: 15th June 2016)

By Ishita B Saha

A brand new dining experience has hit Dubai with the launch of Enigma, The Untold Story, at Palazzo Versace. Enigma opened it’s doors in January with a new exciting concept which will see the restaurant run by four different chefs throughout the year each taking over the restaurant for three months. Each Chef will come with Michelin starred credentials and associated with a restaurant listed in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Watch Quique Dacosta’s video on why he thinks Dubai should look forward to Enigma!

Surprisingly the tables aren't set as you enter Enigma

Surprisingly the tables aren’t set as you enter Enigma

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The Concept

Part of the magic, or should we say the enigma about the first chapter of Enigma – Vanguard by Quique Dacosta, is that the whole evening is an unique dining experience, curated and one that is only available for a limited amount of me. The menu is confidential and each dish revealed unfolds a story. The avant-garde chef’s restaurant in Denia in Spain has three Michelin star and is listed at No 39 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Guests are requested not to share too much as well, as part of the charm of Enigma is that diners don’t know about what their experience will be ahead of the actual dinner.

THE FOOD: We dined on a ten course set menu, with vegetarian options being available or altered to suit food allergies etc. Each dish had been cleverly designed to challenge our curiosity, tease our taste buds and tell a story. Plenty of unusual textures, cooking processes and techniques were inevitable as one would expect from a chef with Michelin credentials, but what added to the drama of the evening is the unusual presentation on of dishes. The story evolved – from the story behind the dishes to the story at the table, engaging the diners like an audience in a theatre. One thing was certain that whether the Dubai audience is matured to welcome such a dining concept, each chapter of Enigma will always hold our curiosity.

The Living Forest

The Living Forest

Golden Egg

Golden Egg


[We were guests at Enigma and the interview with Quique Dacosta followed two days after.]



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    Enigma – The Untold Story from Quique Dacosta

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