#Reflect ~ Notes from the Editors

(Last Updated On: 14th February 2019)

Ishita B Saha, Editor & Co-Founder FoodeMag dxb

#Expressyou – with your own Dubai font!

By Ishita B Saha:

Dubai has gifted the world with a new font.

For a lot of people, this doesn’t mean anything – it’s a font after all, not a means to end poverty or an app that helps in harnessing solar energy or something practically relevant. True, but to me, expression is everything. The fact that so many nationalities are living in one single space and being able to share their experiences with each other as we gear towards a new world era – that itself is something to celebrate together as a nation. And with that in mind, we at FoodeMag have embraced the new font in our emagazine to express ourselves through inspiring food, travel and wellness stories.

Ramadan is just a few days away and we are already into a scorching summer. Our thoughts are with those of you who are fasting – do replenish and rehydrate yourselves properly once you break your fast. We have an amazing array of Ramadan inspired recipes in our website – do hop in, try them as you gather around your Iftar table with your family and friends. Debbie fasts through the Ramadan and my thoughts are always with her. Tag us and share your #RamadanStories with us and let us be enriched.

Last but not the least, do share your stories of doing simple things in life that bring happiness to you – like walking on the beach, curling up on your couch for that extra couple of leisurely minutes as you sip into your daily cup of coffee or tea, or read your favourite excerpts from your favourite book etc. Do join us in our gentle crusade on STRESS as we lend our voices to each other and #BringBackBalance!

Where did the time go?

By Debbie Rogers:

I can’t believe we are already into May – it hardly seems like yesterday since we were planning the last issue. Talking of time, Ramadan is just around the corner too and before we know it kids will be out of school and most of you will be travelling for the summer.

It’s been a busy few months for us at FoodeMag Dxb. Our last magazine heralded the launch of our Wellness Category with the start of #BringBackBalance campaign in collaboration with OIC and Bupa Global.  As well as launching the campaign, Ishita and I have been interacting with lots of people both in person and virtually who are saying how much the campaign resonates with them personally on so many levels.

We are in a privileged position where we can use the magazine and our social presence not only to share inspiring stories and ideas, backed up with expert information, but also to help our readers, our families and friends and ourselves to make changes to our life. We want to be able to help ourselves and others to bring back balance to all that we do.  Sitting down, with a cup of tea or coffee and taking time to read this magazine, uninterrupted if you can manage to do so, is just one of the ways in which you can bring back balance and enjoy the moment. Go on, try it and see how good it feels just doing one thing at a time.

Do read on, we have lots of articles, hints, tips and stories that we hope will inspire you, tempt you and perhaps encourage you to live better lives.  Ishita and I are also sharing our stories about what we are doing to #BringBackBalance in our personal lives and we hope in a small way this might inspire you.

Until next time!


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    #Reflect ~ Notes from the Editors

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