Edition 9 – Coffee

(Last Updated On: 15th November 2015)

Third Wave Coffee, is a movement to produce high quality coffee where coffee is seen as an artisan product rather than a commodity. Typically, third wave coffee involves improvements in all parts of the coffee lifecycle starting from sourcing (direct trade), high quality coffee beans (speciality coffee), single origin coffee (no blended coffee), fresh roasting (usually roasted in the last few weeks), latte art plus the revival of traditional brewing methods eg vacuum coffee and pour-over brewing devices eg Chemex/V60. There’s also an increase in customer engagement, so that the customer knows more about what they are drinking and the taste profile of the coffee being served.
Speciality Coffee refers to the quality of the coffee in terms of flavour and taste characteristics, it applies to a coffee scoring 80 points and above on a 100 point scale. - Debbie Rogers
The Coffee: Single origin beans bought from six different producers with green coffee beans from (Mi-cro-lots). The beans are roasted here in Dubai in small batches to produce an amazing single origin coffee with unique taste profiles. Espresso as you would expect, is at the heart of the menu, either served on its own or with milk served in three different combinations – essentially you get two shots of espresso then a quantity of milk 4oz, 6oz and 8 oz which makes your drink into the equivalent of a macchiato, cappuccino or latte. You can also get hot manually brewed coffee using Chemed/V60.
The Signature Coffee: The Cold drip, infused for eight hours and the Gibraltar – 2 espressos with an equal amount of hot milk served in a glass named the Gibraltar glass!
The Buzz: Ibrahim and his team are passionate about coffee, from the specially filtered water through to the stone cubes (used to chill coffee without watering it down) with only one central focus – the coffee. Whilst spoons are provided, they are provided to test the quality of the crema and not for sugar (no sugar is served), and the only milk that is used is full fat. Watch out for the lovely design features such as wooden inscribed menus and coffee boards through to the handmade leather aprons.


The Ambiance: Calm, relaxed, bright and sociable. There’s a mix of customers including members of the Wellness Centre, people working at their laptops or those just dropping by for a good coffee. Inside, there are a few different seating areas, with the largest area being the large central table with views of the garden or the Baristas at work using a fully customised Synesso machines.
The Espresso Lab is located within The Hundred Wellness Centre, and there’s a real synergy between both businesses which compliment each other nicely. Asma Hilal Lootah, the award winning Owner and Founder of the Wellness Centre and Ibrahim Al Mallouhi have both established businesses that allow them to share their passion with others, and as we talked to both, we realised that their hearts and souls have been put into their business!


The Hundred Wellness Centre located in Jumeirah 1 and offers Pilates, Functional Training, Physiotherapy and Holistic treatments. www.thehundred.ae


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    Edition 9 – Coffee

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