Doing Dubai Differently ~ Seeing the old city in new lights!

(Last Updated On: 4th December 2016)

By Team FoodeMag: We have been trying to keep pace with the ever changing landscape of Dubai. If there is a new sunset spot as you walk along the new Dubai Water Canal, there is a new sunrise spot too – only a few notches higher (we now have an observatory deck at Level 148 in Burj Khalifa soaring high at 555 meter instead of the earlier Level 124). Whether you can tread these in your heels or your boots depend upon what kind of a selfie person you are. Whatever it is, do make sure that your timelapse mode is ready along with a mini tripod – our timelapse video of the sunrise At The Top, although beautiful (we feel, that is) appears a wee bit wobbly!

Dubai Water Canal

A waterfall over the Sheikh Zayed Road with the curtain of water pulling across when boats ply through (feature image above), a canal piercing through Safa Park like a bright lightning, a poetic footbridge hanging over air – well, that’s the latest landscape entrant in Dubai. Yes, this is a city where even sudden landscapes emerge and make royal entries! The Dubai Water Canal Project is an extension of Deira Creek with a 2.9kms canal linking Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf. Rupa Dutta Chowdhury, one of the founding members of our featured Foodpreneur Zaika Hub captured these images on the next day the city was flooded by the Supermoon. This is what she had to say about her outing: “Absolutely stunning… it was a such a pleasure to be on that footbridge… trigger happy… the wind in my hair and beauty in my eyes… one of the best stay back in my mind!” While the entire project is still underway, we are already queuing up for the water taxis that have started plying.
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Dubai Water Canal

November 2016 5:30 pm – The view from the footbridge.

Dubai Water Canal

November 2016 6:30pm – The entire canal lights up as evening descends.

Sunrise ‘At The Top’

Entering a mall when all the shutters are still down and yawning yourself to the top may not sound that interesting, but trust us – this experience is worth getting up at the crack of dawn for! Ushering in a new day and tracking the sun rise over the horizon and gradually illuminating a still sleepy city is not a regular touristy ‘At the Top’ observatory experience. We were lucky to have been in the first queue for the sunrise experience last year, courtesy Sally Prosser, our Food Sourcing Expert and it has remained our best ‘urban awakening’ moments ever since! Now you may also book into At The Top Sky (Level 148 + 125 +124) and enjoy the stunning 360-degree view of the city from the world’s highest observatory – and what a high wake up call (quite literally) can it be watching the sunrise. The winters tend to be a bit foggy so you might have to keep your fingers a bit crossed and hope for a clear horizon. If waking up at unearthly hours leaves you hungry, booking into Atmosphere, the world’s highest restaurant for a breakfast while you descend, may add some deliciousness. Every Friday and Saturday, enjoy sunrise visits from 5:30am onwards.
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View from Burj Khalifa at 6 am in the morning

November 6:05:02 am – View from the Burj Khalifa

Sunrise 'At the Top' Burj Khalifa

Sunrise ‘At the Top’ Burj Khalifa with Sally Prosser (My Custard Pie)

[This story has been written exclusively for FoodeMag dxb. Images of Dubai Water Canal: Rupa Dutta Chowdhury; Images of Sunrise At The Top: Ishita B Saha]

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    Doing Dubai Differently ~ Seeing the old city in new lights!

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