Dine Around Dubai – a Sunset to Moonlight experience

(Last Updated On: 14th February 2019)

Meen Moilee – an evening with Atul Kochhar

We asked one of our favourite contributors and a keen Atul Kochhar fan, Rupal Bhatikar from Foodienfabulous to cover the launch of JW Marriott Treatment at Rang Mahal. The event featured an intimate curated dinner with Atul and Chef Amrish, a live cooking demonstration, and a curated dinner showcasing some of the signature dishes at Rang Mahal. Here’s what she had to say :

“Chef Atul talked about how his food journey started and followed it up with a cooking demo of his signature dish Meen Moilee, this time however he used a mix of seafood, instead of just a sea bream. That was followed by a dinner menu that features some of the classics at Rang Mahal with wine pairings”

Because it was an intimate group, Chef Atul spent a lot of time talking informally with us – he even shared that Calicut Paragon in Karama is one of his favourite Indian restaurants in Dubai and he makes it a point to visit every time he’s here. He also shared how he loves the food his wife cooks at home and it’s what he loves to eat at the end of a long day in the kitchen”

Thanks for the incredible opportunity to meet Atul and Chef Amrish again.

Rupal xx

Pssst : Want to make Meen Moilee at home? We found the recipe here

Atul Kochhar is one of the JW Marriott’s culinary brand ambassadors and can often be found at Rang Mahal in Dubai.

The JW Treatment is a new creative campaign, reaffirming JW Marriott as Marriott International’s cornerstone luxury brand inspired by the brand’s rich heritage and founder J.W. Marriott’s famous quote:

“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your customers”

[Rang Mahal | JW Marriott Marquis :

[Images by Rupal Bhatikar]


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    Dine Around Dubai – a Sunset to Moonlight experience

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