Dine Around Dubai with Cheese of Europe

(Last Updated On: 14th February 2019)

Say Cheese, will you?

I really enjoyed an evening learning about Cheese from across Europe last evening. The #DineAroundDubai evening was curated by Francois Robin, described as the “best cheesemonger in France” who, along with Samantha Wood – the founder of foodiva.net, escorted us on a three course dinner set across three different fine dining Dubai restaurants. Our first stop was La Serre where enjoyed three cheese inspired starters and learned how to select cheese for a cheeseboard and in which order to taste cheese (it’s really simple!). The next stop was Bice Mare – this time for some cheese inspired main course and with a bonus of the beautiful views of the Dubai fountains. Our final stop was St Regis for a cheese platter and a trio of desserts. I’m not the most adventurous of cheese lovers at home if I’m honest, but during this course of the evening, I did learn some clever tips on how to enjoy different cheeses and in fact, fell in love with some of the soft cheeses which I will definitely be adding to my next shopping list. However, my love of blue cheese has still not been found, but I am hopeful that I soon will find it someday!

xx Debbie 

[This was a Dine around Dubai with Foodiva experience, typical cost AED 850 per person]


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    Dine Around Dubai with Cheese of Europe

    by Foodemag time to read: 3 min