Vanguard By Quique Dacosta

(Last Updated On: 15th June 2016)

Hello Everyone!

I have just come back from interviewing Quique Dacosta whose restaurant in Dénia in Spain holds a formidable ranking of 39th in the World’s 50 Best. Much of the conversation was focussed on trying to understand the working of this self-taught legendary chef’s culinary mind. Interestingly our conversation follows my tasting of his food two days back – with the Vanguard – the first of the avant-garde series that will now be offered in Enigma.

Stay tuned for the actual interview. I have made a video snippet of the man telling us why Dubai should look forward to Enigma (I promise you, it wasn’t just to hear him speak in his adorable Spanish accent!). By the way, would you all be interested in video interviews henceforth?

xx Ishita


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    Vanguard By Quique Dacosta

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