Zorawar Kalra ∼ Ready to be Farzified?

(Last Updated On: 10th March 2019)
With a legendary dad like Jiggs Kalra at home, can any ‘tadka’ or tempering go wrong? Certainly not! And definitely not when a brand has already got its seal of approval from diners in India and has been voted the most photographed restaurant. I spent my morning today at La Farine chatting to Zorawar Kalra, the son of Jiggs Kalra and Founder and Managing Director of Massive Restaurants (India), who will be launching Farzi Café next month in Dubai. Stay tuned for the video post that I will be making on today’s interview. On a separate note – I have a special associating with this hotel (JW Marriott Marquis), having worked closely with the ‘Rang Mahal’ team when I did my special Bengali menu with Chef Atul Kochhar. And guess what? Every time I drive to the place, I pray that one particular signal (the one that’s pictured here) is red. Burj Khalifa erupts suddenly from nowhere – right in the middle of the road. At the cost of sounding cliched, this iconic landmark overwhelms me with a lot of pride – each and every time I see it. And yes, do watch out for the video that I will be posting soon on today’s interview. Get ready to be Farzified!

xx Ishita

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    Zorawar Kalra ∼ Ready to be Farzified?

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