#FoodPreneur ~ Balls you can eat! A Quirky Named Foodtruck

(Last Updated On: 25th October 2016)

Balls you can Eat

Balls you Can Eat – From the brains and muscles that created and developed 800PIZZA comes another great food concept by Italian entrepreneur Alessandro Dubaldo.

BALLS® commonly known as suppli [sooplee], are Italian snacks originally consisting of a ball of rice (risotto) with tomato sauce and eggs. The dish is native to my city, Rome.

BALLS® is Italian at heart but I gave it an international soul, developing popular flavours from around the world. This concept is so exciting, so refreshing, so different I can’t wait to roll out the full media campaign…

What or who is the inspiration behind your start-up?

Me! I am a business fighter, I love challenges, the bigger the better, I discovered only recently that I cannot be happy without challenges, it’s an insane love and hate affair, it’s just the way I turned out to be.

Who is your hero in the restaurant business, the one you aspire to be?

I don’t have a hero in the restaurant business however I do have two major heroes in my life, my dad, my first superhero, and my mum, my first love, they have allowed me to become what I am today, I am very fortunate, so so blessed.

What is your favourite dish in the menu? Why?

The FRANCKIE PORCINI balls are insane and the ENZO TIKKA oh man!

What (lessons) have you learnt along the way that you would like to share with another foodpreneur?

It’s tough, very tough, so tough but if you want it bad enough you can make it

Balls you can Eat

Instagram & Facebook @ballsyoucaneat or www.ballsyoucaneat.com

Find us at : We’re currently at Burj Khalifa fountain and are hoping to stay there until April, otherwise you will find us at concerts, festivals & exhibitions. Watch out for details on our social media pages.

[Images provided by Balls You Can Eat]


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    #FoodPreneur ~ Balls you can eat! A Quirky Named Foodtruck

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