Team FoodeMag need to work towards Balance

(Last Updated On: 21st March 2019)

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No matter how much we try, we are simply unable to eat the whole elephant in one go!

By Debbie Rogers:

This is the section in which I usually write about my progress with exercise and my trials. successes  and tribulations of eating tasty food and trying to keep it all in balance.  

This time I thought I’d write about something a bit different. Of course those challenges continue daily and you can read more about my exercise inspiration in the TrainWithMeDxb article. Foodwise, you can see I’ve been to France and eaten out a lot, but I’ve also cooked a lot at home, watched what I’ve eaten (with some indulgences) and thankfully managed to maintain my weight loss so far thanks to a lot of walking and exercise. The next step is to refocus and make some more changes but that’s not the focus of this post.

Our #BringBackBalance campaign is about having everything in balance, not just exercise and food, but personal and work lives too and in this section I want to take a look at FoodeMag dxb being in balance.


The FoodeMag team need Balance

As joint Editors of FoodeMag dxb, it’s become clear that Ishita and I are really good at telling ourselves off! Not wanting to boast, but I do it the best! In the FoodeMag team, I’m the one who manages our project tasks and deadlines and am forever ‘cracking the whip’ about what needs to be done and when, what’s outstanding and occasionally what’s overdue (seems we are only human after all).   

The List!

Allocating and doing tasks is a big part of what we do to deliver our projects and campaigns and whilst this is important, and necessary, it’s also tough on us as individuals. The list of things to be done is always huge, the list of things we want to do in the future is bigger, the list with our vision and aspirations is big too as is our desire to make a difference and give back to the community where we can. Add all these things together and the list stretches for miles and miles and is far too big – but none of that should stop us dreaming and shooting for the stars!  

On telling ourselves off

Sometimes I think it’s a female thing, sometimes I think it’s a British or Indian thing and sometimes, well, I think it’s just a thing, that most of us are good at!  
We are really good at ‘beating ourselves up’ for what we haven’t done, or what we could have done better.  
Back in my corporate life, I remember chairing project reviews. Collectively we could think of 101 things we could have done better or improve on for the future and barely anyone could think of what had gone right, despite the fact the more often than not the project was delivered, on time, on budget with minimal disruption.

Chatting with Jason Atherton at Marina Social

We forget to celebrate our achievements


Team FoodeMag are a little like that sometimes, we get so caught up in the ‘now’ and ‘what’s next’ that we often forget to celebrate the things that we have achieved, the tasks that have been completed, the happy customers, the smiling readers and the people who motivate and inspire us on a daily basis.

Making Khinkali in Georgia

On Eating an Elephant .. metaphorically at least …

When we are looking at our ‘million and one things to be done’ list I often remind Ishita that we can’t eat the elephant whole, and instead we should just tackle it bit by bit. In real terms of course there’s no elephant to be eaten (or did we miss that press release??), just a very long list, with dates on in order.


And finally, in wrapping up, where does that take us? After all this is about balance right? Well, I’m not ready to hang up or retire the whip, it still has life in it and needs to be cracked!
But one day really soon Ishita and I will add one item to the list which we will be a “MUST DO”
A task that involves a lunch, dinner or glass of something bubbly somewhere nice, with no obligations, no work needs, not even a click or a picture as evidence that we’ve done it (LOLS) .
The agenda? Purely to talk about what we have achieved. To look at the tasks we have crossed through and delivered (metaphorically of course, I’m not taking my laptop!). We will see that that list of completed task is equally long as the one ahead of us, it not bigger.

Iftar at TresInd
We’ve had an incredibly busy first part of the year and have been involved in some amazing projects. We believe that what we are doing in the magazine is interesting, different, informative and inspiring.  And it’s important that we say thank you to each and everyone who has been part of our journey and success so far, because we truly couldn’t have made it without you.  
Let’s give gratitude for what we have achieved so far, then fill up with some more rocket fuel as we take our next journey towards reaching for the stars (and beyond).
Xoxo Debbie

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Bidding adieu to the team at Refletts

With Chef Sebby at Al Maha

Hosting an #EatUp at Weslodge

Hard at work at impact Hub


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